Reasons Many People File Bankruptcy in Raleigh

The top 5 reasons people file bankruptcy in Raleigh

causes for bankruptcy in raleigh

Top 5 reasons why people file bankruptcy in Raleigh

Every person that files bankruptcy in Raleigh is facing tough times. But what caused these hard times? For most people, the following 5 things influenced their need for bankruptcy.

  1. Medical Expenses: With high costs of health care, it is no wonder that many people can’t afford to pay medical bills.
  2. Unemployment: Joblessness creates a financial strain for many, who are unable to pay their living expenses and bills.
  3. Spending too Much: Some people overextend themselves into credit card debt, high home payments, and car loans.
  4. Divorce: With child support, court costs, and alimony, divorce creates added financial stress.
  5. Unexpected disaster: Those that are uninsured are unable to cope with unexpected natural disasters, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, or floods.

If you are facing these difficulties, don’t worry. We can help you eliminate your debts with bankruptcy and get a fresh financial start.

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